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Grants & Funding for Businesses

Funding help for renewable energy typically falls into one of three categories:


Renewable energy grants for businesses


While a few domestic and community grant schemes remain, schemes for businesses have dwindled in recent years, and we are not currently aware of any up-front capital grants for business energy installations. These have been replaced with rebates (see right).

Some sector-specific grants or matched-funding may be available as part of other business improvement schemes or regional development schemes.


Business loans for renewable energy


We have good relationships with several financing companies which specialise in business loans for renewable energy installations.

Because each installation is different, loan applications are considered by the financing company on an individual basis. The business owner would be asked to provide a set of accounts, to be submitted along with Cooks’ overview of the technology to be installed.

In most cases loan repayment levels are set to ensure that they do not exceed the accumulated savings and the income from rebate schemes – so the business would always remain in a positive cashflow position.

For further information, please talk to our energy consultants.


The information given on this page is given as a guide only, and is accurate to the best of our knowledge as at October 2015. However, please note that funding and rebate criteria do change. You are advised to speak to our energy consultants for specific, up-to-date advice, and to check for current information on government websites.

Government renewable energy rebates


Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).  This pays the system owner a rebate for each usable unit of heat generated from qualifying renewable energy technologies. These include solar thermal systems, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers, and some CHP systems. Further information can be found by following these links:

Ofgem - non-domestic RHI

​Ofgem - easy guide to non-domestic RHI

Ofgem - non-domestic RHI tariffs

Gov.uk - CHP incentives guidance document


Feed-in Tariff (FiT).  This is applicable to solar PV installations, and some CHP systems. The system owner receives an incentive payment for every unit of electricity generated, even if they use the electricity themselves.  An additional Export Tariff is also paid for each unit of electricity sold back to the National Grid. Further information can be found at the following links:

Energy Saving Trust - feed-in tariff scheme

Ofgem - tariff tables

Gov.uk - feed-in tariff guidance for CHP

Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA).  This accelerated tax relief scheme allows businesses to claim 100% first year capital allowance on qualifying renewable energy installations. Further information can be found by following these links:

Gov.uk - Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

Dept for Energy and Climate Change - Energy Technology List product search


Qualifying combined heat and power (CHP) systems also attract Climate Change Levy Exemption, Business Rating Exemption, and Hydrocarbon Oils Duty Refund.  Please carefully read the criteria on the government website:

Gov.uk - CHP incentives