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Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient is your business?

British businesses are becoming more energy efficient!  According to government figures, overall industrial energy consumption is falling, and has done steadily since the 1970s.  Service organisations are also getting more efficient with their energy use. So if you’re not seeing your energy consumption fall year on year, or your bills go down, then you could be overspending...  

We can help.


Audit, appraisal and feasibility studies

Even if you’re just exploring the idea of an energy review, a quick chat with our energy efficiency consultants will give you helpful advice.

We offer energy audits, to find out how your energy is being used and where there could be waste. 

We appraise different energy systems and show you the kind of return on investment you could achieve. (You can take a look at our case studies section for some real-life client examples.)

We also undertake feasibility studies, to see which energy systems will be best suited to your premises.

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The government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requires large organisations to carry out energy efficiency audits every four years.  

If your business needs to comply, then you must complete your first assessment by 5th December 2015, and every four years thereafter.  Talk to us about ESOS audits.


Energy efficiency surveys

If you are planning or sell or rent your business premises, you will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and must make it available to potential buyers and tenants – or you could be fined up to £5000. If you’ve built new premises, or made major alterations which involve extending your existing energy systems, you also need an EPC.  

Contact us – we’re commercial EPC assessors and can carry out your energy efficiency survey for you.


Part of your Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with a specialist business energy company like Cooks means you can prove you have undertaken due diligence to make sure your business is a responsible energy user. Your directors will be happy, your employees can feel proud, and your stakeholders will be satisfied.

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