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Audit, Appraisal & Feasibility Studies

  • “How much energy is our business wasting?”
  • “How can we cut our business energy bills?”
  • “Should we switch to renewable energy?”
  • “What renewable technology would best suit our business?”


These are just some of the questions we’re asked by businesses every week. At Cooks it’s our mission to discover the answers.  

Our business energy consultants have helped all kinds of businesses make better decisions about their energy systems – helping them save money, increase profits, and reduce their environmental impact.


Energy Efficiency Consultants

If you want to discover how your business could be more energy efficient, then our energy audit can tell you.

Our energy assessors examine your bills, your building and your equipment to see how your energy is being used, and where it’s wasted.  

Then we recommend how you could use less – possibly by upgrading equipment, insulating your building, or reminding people to switch things off!


EPC Assessors 

Our qualified EPC assessors carry out energy efficiency surveys for commercial buildings.  

An Energy Performance Certificate is essential if you plan to sell or rent out your business premises, or if you’re building new premises or making major alterations.  If you’re in doubt, talk to us and we’ll be happy to advise you.


Renewable Energy Consultants

Our experienced renewable energy consultants help businesses explore how they can benefit from installing a renewable energy system.

At Cooks we install and maintain a wide range of renewable technologies – solar PV, biomass boilers, combined heat and power units, and air source and ground source heat pumps.  We’re completely independent, working with all the major brands on the market.  

So, with our breadth and depth of experience, you can be assured you’ll receive unbiased expert advice.


Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study will tell you how practical and cost-effective it is to install a particular energy system at your premises.  

For example, you may be considering a ground source heat pump, but are unsure if there will be space for an effective installation. Or, you may want to install a biomass boiler, but are uncertain whether you have a suitable location. 

A feasibility study explores the practical implications of installing your energy system, and ensures your business can get the most from your new energy system. It also reduces the risk of unpleasant surprises or unforeseen costs.


Return On Investment analysis

Our renewable energy consultants can help you make a more informed decision about your investment in a renewable energy system.

Using our modelling tool, we can project the anticipated payback period for your renewable energy system, and your return on investment.


Whatever your questions about energy systems, we’re here to answer them.

Call our renewable energy consultants today for an initial conversation, or send us a message.