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Renewable Energy

Commercial Renewable Energy Consultants and Installers


We’re experts in planning, installing and managing renewable energy systems for businesses.

We help all kinds of organisations, with diverse renewable energy needs – for example:

  • Factories, warehouses, schools and golf clubs which can save money by using electricity generated from solar PV panels
  • Commercial offices and retailers who can heat large spaces using air source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps, or with a biomass boiler
  • Investors who want to make money from large-scale solar arrays and solar farms


The benefits of adopting renewable energy

A renewable energy installation requires an initial financial outlay, so it’s important to consider how your business will gain – and there are many benefits…

Financial benefits of renewable energy  

Solar and heat pump technologies use the earth’s natural, free, ongoing resources – so after the initial outlay you’ll be using energy you won’t have to pay for. The payback time and ROI depends on the technology, the size of the installation and your energy consumption. Our renewable energy consultants can undertake the calculations for you.  

What’s more, most renewable technologies benefit from the government’s ‘feed-in tariff’ (FIT), so you get paid for generating energy, even if you use it yourself. Not only can renewables save your business money, they can make you money.


Environment benefits of renewable energy

Many businesses want to make a positive impact on their environment, or at least do no harm.  Increasingly, businesses are managing and improving their environmental performance using standards such as ISO 14001.  Some supply chains now insist their suppliers adhere to good environmental practice.  A renewable energy system can make a positive contribution to all these objectives.


Commercial benefits of renewable energy

Behaving responsibly speaks volumes about your organisation – to your staff, your stakeholders and of course, your customers.  Investing in renewable energy can send a positive message that you’re a responsible company to deal with.


Choosing the right renewable energy system

You choice will depend on many factors, including the type of energy you need; which system is suitable for your premises; the installation cost; and the payback period.  

It will often involve weighing up and pros and cons – and that’s where our renewable energy consultants can help you. We offer advice, audits, feasibility studies and financial modelling to help you consider your options and choose well.

Because we’re independent, we don’t have any obligation to recommend a particular system – your business’s needs always come first.


MCS approved renewable energy installers

When it comes to installing your new renewable energy system, you can rest assured our teams are highly trained and experienced, all employed directly by our company, and with the requisite MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) approval.

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