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Commercial Solar PV

  • Reduce electricity bills for your business
  • Put your industrial roof space, or unused ground, to profitable use
  • Get money back from the government - even if you use the energy yourself!


How solar PV works

Solar panels convert light (not heat) from the sun into DC electricity.  An inverter converts this to usable AC current, which can power office and factory equipment and lighting.  

During periods of bright sunshine the panels will generate more than on a dull winter’s day – so a solar PV system won’t fulfil all your business energy needs, but it will reduce your bills.  You’ll see the greatest benefit if you run a daytime-only operation. 

For each unit of electricity you generate, you will receive a feed-in tariff (FIT) payment from the government – even if you use the electricity yourself.  If you generate more electricity than you need, you can sell it back to the National Grid.

The number of solar panels you need will depend on the space available and your business energy needs.  Our consultants can advise you.


Is my building suitable for a commercial solar installation?

Most industrial rooftops will be strong enough to take a commercial solar PV installation – our surveyors will of course check this as part of a feasibility study.  

Your rooftop does need to have the correct orientation (anything except north-facing) – but PV panels are now available which can cope with most situations.


Our commercial solar PV service

We provide consultancy and installation for roof-mounted and ground-mounted commercial solar PV systems.

  • As commercial energy consultants, our first priority is to understand your business needs and how these might change, so we can specify a future-proof system for you.
  • We also conduct feasibility study and surveys, to make sure your premises are suitable for the installation.
  • Budget is of course important; and because we work with all the solar PV brands on the market, we can provide you with options and calculate ROI scenarios.
  • When it comes to your solar PV installation, our MCS-accredited team will ensure a swift and professional installation.  
  • We can also help you through all the paperwork at every stage, including liaison for planning permission if required, and registering your new system. 


Finance and return on investment

Commercial solar panels involve an initial outlay; but many businesses have proven the ROI to be worthwhile - from schools, to golf clubs, to factories.  

Take a look at our case studies page for real-life examples.

Although renewable energy grants are now scant, we are able to arrange finance for business renewable energy systems – please visit our funding page for more information.

Please note that solar PV systems are not included in the government’s ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) scheme

Solar PV systems for non-domestic installations are charged at the full rate of VAT.

Call or email our renewable energy consultants now for advice.