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Energy Efficiency

We’re here to help you save money!

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bills – and we’re here to help!


Energy efficiency grants

The Green Deal is the government’s funding scheme to help homeowners pay for energy efficiency improvements to their home – such as insulation, double glazing, a new boiler or a renewable energy system.  The loan is repaid from the savings on energy bills.


Energy Performance Certificates

If you’re building a property, planning to sell or let your home, or applying for a Green Deal grant, you need an Energy Performance Certificate.  We’re authorised to carry out EPC inspections.  Even if you just want to know how you could improve your home’s energy efficiency, our expert energy advisers can help you!


Renewable energy incentives

The government is keen to see more of us adopting renewable energy.  So there are some very lucrative payment schemes now available for those who install a renewable energy system at home.

  • The Feed-In Tariff is paid for solar electricity (solar PV) generation.  You receive a payment for each unit of electricity you generate – even if you use it to power your own home!  You can also receive an ‘Export Tariff’ when you sell your excess electricity back to the National Grid.
  • The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI) pays a sum per unit of energy generated by a heat-producing renewable energy system – ie, solar thermal, biomass heating, air source and ground source heat pumps.


Commercial energy efficiency

This part of our website talks about our energy efficiency services for homeowners and domestic landlords.  But we help businesses become more energy efficient too!  Get in touch with us, and one of our commercial energy efficiency consultants will be happy to help.