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Boiler Replacement

  • Reduce energy bills with a more efficient boiler

  • Traditional and renewable options available

  • Earn money through the Renewable Heat Incentive


Whether your boiler has reached the end of its life, or you want a more modern, energy-efficient system, we’re here to help you find the perfect new boiler for your home.

At Cooks we provide a friendly, professional boiler installation service. 

We offer a wide variety of options, from conventional gas boiler installation, to oil boilers, and renewable energy options, such as biomass boilers.


When you need a new boiler


Like any piece of machinery, a boiler has a finite lifespan - usually about 10 years. 

A boiler works hard during its lifetime, but even with regular servicing it will eventually lose efficiency, and parts can break. 

What’s more, an old boiler will burn more fuel than today’s energy efficient models – so there comes a time when it’s no longer economical to keep on repairing and servicing your old boiler.


Funding for a new boiler


The good news is that there are several money-saving government schemes to give you a helping hand with the cost of your new boiler.

These include cash back on new boilers, recycling incentives for your old boiler, and payments for introducing renewable heating technologies into your home.

If you haven’t already considered a renewable energy installation for your home, now could be the perfect time.  Speak to our renewable energy advisers who can tell you more.


Experienced boiler installers


At Cooks, we are experienced boiler installers – we’ve been installing and maintaining heating systems across South Devon for 40 years! 

We have a host of memberships and accreditations, giving you peace of mind that you are dealing with a team of trusted and respected professionals.

We are an independent, local, family-run company.  We’re not linked to any particular manufacturer, and we offer a wide choice of brands. 

Whatever your budget or preference, we’ll be able to help you.


To discuss options for your boiler replacement, get in touch with us today.  

We can install a heating system for your home that could save you money, reduce your fossil fuel consumption, or even provide you with a regular income.


Call our advisers today to find out more.