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Oil Boilers

  • Suitable for those not on the gas network

  • We can supply, install and maintain oil boilers

  • A member of OFTEC, the Oil Firing Technical Association​


For those who don’t have a gas supply to their home, an oil boiler can be a viable and efficient alternative.  

Condensing oil-fired boilers (the most usual type) essentially work in a similar way to gas boilers, and can be used to heat water and radiators.


Choosing an oil boiler


Oil boilers are typically much more expensive to run than gas.  Although oil boilers are actually very fuel efficient, it’s the rising price of oil which pushes up the operating costs.  So before choosing a new oil boiler, think carefully and see if there might be a better option for you!


Upgrading an oil boiler


If you’re happy with your oil-fired central heating system and want to upgrade your oil boiler, there are still several good options available on the market.  We can advise, supply and install it for you.

But if you’re thinking it’s time for a change, why not consider saving money by choosing a ‘greener’ renewable energy option?  

Speak to our consultants, and we’ll gladly talk through your options with you.


Oil boiler servicing


If you have an oil boiler, it’s vital you keep it well maintained to ensure it operates efficiently.  

The building regulations say that an oil boiler must operate with an efficiency of at least 86%, and you are only likely to achieve this with a condensing type boiler which is regularly serviced.  

At Cooks we’re experienced in oil boiler servicing - so get in touch and we can arrange to take a look at your oil boiler and give you a servicing estimate.


Why choose Cooks for your oil-fired boiler servicing?


  • We’re qualified heating engineers with years of experiencing servicing oil boilers.
  • We’re members of OFTEC – the professional body for oil-fire heating engineers.
  • We’re a family-run, local firm with a great reputation.  Our service engineers are employed by the company, and they take pride in their work.


Get in touch to find out more and ask us for an oil-fired boiler servicing estimate.