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Solar Thermal

  • Save money on your water heating bills

  • Generate your own hot water using natural resources

  • Do your bit to reduce the effects of climate change


Heating water at home can be costly – so the ideal answer is to harness the warmth of the sun with a solar thermal (solar water heating) system.  It’s efficient and sustainable, and remarkably cost-effective!


Solar thermal or solar PV...?


A solar photovoltaic system converts sunlight (not heat) into electricity.  A solar thermal system uses the sun’s warmth to heat water.  They are entirely different systems, so you can install one or both – whichever is best for you.


Why choose Cooks for your solar thermal system?


With our experience as plumbing and heating engineers, solar thermal is a very natural renewable technology for us to work with!  

Solar thermal has been popular for years, and we have lots of installations to our name.  We know how to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your system. 

As MSC-accredited installers, you can be assured of the quality of our service, and that your installation will meet the government’s requirements to qualify for the Domestic RHI (another great reason to consider installing a solar thermal system!)


As experienced solar thermal panel installers we will:


  • Visit your home and conduct a thorough survey
  • Give you expert advice on the suitability of solar thermal for your home
  • Present a range of options, so you can choose your preference
  • Install your solar thermal system using our own employed team of installers – not sub-contractors
  • Guide you through all the paperwork to ensure your installation is registered for the Domestic RHI
  • Ensure you are completely happy at every stage!


Call us today to find out more – our team will be happy to help! 

Here are some questions we’re often asked about solar thermal installations.  Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have!


How does a solar thermal system work?

Solar thermal panels (typically only one or two) are usually fixed to the roof of your home.  They contain a special fluid which heats up when exposed to the warmth of the sun.  This warm fluid circulates through pipes which are fed through a water storage tank.  The pipes act like a heating element to heat the water in the tank.


Will a solar thermal system eliminate my water heating bills?

Not entirely.  The solar thermal panels alone don’t usually heat the water to a sufficiently safe temperature for domestic use.  But because the water is partially heated, you’ll only need to use your boiler to finish it off - so you’ll certainly see a reduction in your bills, particularly in the warmer months.


Is my property suitable?

Solar thermal panels are usually fixed at an angle on the roof, but can be fixed to a wall vertically too.  The main thing is to make sure they are in a spot which will attract the warmth of the sun.  You only need a small roof space for a solar thermal system - so even if your roof isn’t big enough for solar PV, you can still enjoy the benefits of solar thermal!


How much money could I save?

It depends on how much hot water you use – but it’s quite possible for a solar thermal system to produce 50-70% of a household’s hot water requirements. 


Are there are financial incentives to install a solar thermal system?

Yes – the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI) pays homeowners to generate their own heat.  Take a look at our page about the dRHI.